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Thousands of Sub-divisions, HOA’s & Golf Courses in Greenville SC, Asheville NC & Charlotte NC are searching for a way to keep their ponds & lakes beautiful.   

For decades, many pond owners have unwittingly ignored their ponds. Others have reacted to excessive plant and algae growth by applying chemicals. This killing process, while effective at the time, is only a temporary fix. Dead & decaying plant material increases the amount of nutrients available in ponds & lakes. This in turn leads to new, more invasive plant life. Combined this unmanageable muck accumulation and its unpleasant smell, many pond owners have not been able to enjoy their ponds as they had initially hoped.

Platinum Lake Management understood pond owner's frustrations & found the secret proactive way to manage ponds & lakes.  Contact us today...

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Platinum Ponds
Founded in 2003, Platinum Ponds and Lake Management is an award-winning, professional pond service business serving Greenville SC, Asheville NC & Charlotte NC. Our ideal location allows us to provide affordable pond service and lake management services for North & South Carolina.
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